Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am so excited!!! (hence the extra exclamation marks) Yesterday, I mailed my first contract! That short romance I've been focusing on for the last couple of months has been accepted by The Wild Rose Press. There are so many things that make this great. Here are some of them in no particular order:

1. The Wild Rose Press is a royalty-paying publisher

2. They are great people to work with (just ask their authors)

3. I've never had a contract before (even though I've published two short stories)

4. I'll be getting paid for my writing for the first time ever!

I'm doing the happy dance this week, celebrating with joy. I still have work, but it's a whole lot more enjoyable because I have a short story being published for which I will get paid. That's what I consider success: getting a contract from a royalty-paying publisher. Not everyone will agree with me on that, but my goal for years has been paying publication. Thanks to The Wild Rose Press, I've achieved that goal.

My next goal? Getting a full-length novel published. That one's a little more difficult, especially given the current economic climate, but someday it will happen. I can be very persistent and patient, two things that generally pay off in publishing.

Have a great week, everyone! I know I will.

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