Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rainy Days

When it's raining outside during your vacation, what should you do with your time? Read, of course. Unless you're like me. Then you split your time between reading, writing, and that craft project you never have time for.

Today is the perfect reading day, but I have a manuscript I'm revising in preparation for submission. So, I'll be working on that with brief breaks for that craft project I mentioned. I can only take so much of the printed word before going cross-eyed. Rest assured, I will be reading another book this week. It's not often I can find the time to read something I don't have to think about (meaning I don't have to edit, critique, or revise). I plan to take full advantage of the free time.

So, all of you dealing with a rainy day, go find a good book to read. Preferably something set in a tropical paradise where the sun always shines and the temperature is always perfect. Ah, the wonders of the imagination.

All you Americans have a great July 4th! For the international readers, have a great weekend!

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