Monday, March 10, 2008

New Agent

I've been hearing rumors about a new agent at Firebrand Literary. Now it's official. Elana Roth, formerly of Parachute Publishing, is an agent at Firebrand Literary. She's looking for fiction for young adult, middle grade, chapter books, and picture books. She also accepts a few books for adults.

If you have a YA or MG novel with a believable male voice, I'd suggest sending a query to Ms. Roth. Same goes for Jewish fiction. Here's a quote from her introductory post on the blue boards at Verla Kay's website: "I'm forever on the lookout for good, modern, honest, not-watered-down Jewish fiction (think Shalom Auslander or Nathan Englander)."

For more information on Firebrand Literary, visit their website. You can also visit their page at Publisher's Marketplace. Submission guidelines are on their website.

Happy writing and querying!

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