Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New cover!

I am so excited! My romantic suspense coming from The Wild Rose Press has a cover! Check out the shiny new cover for Riley's Mission (release information to be announced when I get it):

A huge thank you on a job well done goes to Nicola Martinez, who designed the cover. I couldn't be happier with it!

Now, I know I have talked a lot about Riley's Mission on here, mainly because my life borders on insane most days. For those of you who can't wait to find out what the story is about, here's the blurb:

Trapped in a flooded hospital, former Israeli operative Jade Rosen discovers she’s not alone. One of the other stranded patients is none other than the cold-blooded killer she'd left behind in a Syrian prison, the man who'd forced her to leave everyone she loved behind and go into hiding.

Indiana National Guardsman Riley Jackson is on a mission to locate and contain a cunning terrorist whose guards aren’t responding. He finds more than he bargained for when the woman he loves appears out of nowhere, desperately ill and once again needing his protection.

Will Jade and Riley finally find their happy ending, or will they pay the ultimate price at the hands of a man determined to see Jade dead?

Curious yet? I hope so! My lovely editor, Laura Kelly, did an amazing job of taking my okay blurb and making it wonderful. Thank you, Laura!

As soon as I receive a release date for Riley's Mission, I'll post it here. Until then, I hope you all have a great week!


Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Fabulous cover. How exciting to actually have it. The book sounds great.

Anne Patrick said...

I just love this cover, EA! And the book sounds great too. I'm looking forward to reading it.