Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kittens and Picture Books

Yesterday, my genius kitten tossed a plastic tumbler of iced tea to the floor and somehow managed to break out a big piece of the bottom. I still haven't found that piece. Thanks to this amazing effort by him, I briefly nicknamed him the wonder twit. By the time I finished cleaning up the puddle of tea, I'd decided that wasn't a very nice nickname, so I changed it to the wonder kitten, because it's a wonder he's making it out of kittenhood without doing serious damage to himself or anyone/anything else.

Being the writer I am, the name Sergei the Wonder Kitten got me thinking about books. The name just begs for a picture book series by the same title, and Sergei in all of his mischievous wisdom gives me plenty of fodder for stories. Thinking about basing a series of picture books on my own cat also reminded me of Jan Karon's Mitford series. In those books, the character Cynthia writes and illustrates picture books about a white cat named Violet. Of course, she replaces her pet Violet as necessary. If I do write a series about Sergei the Wonder Kitten, I'm not sure if I could ever replace the little guy with another black cat named Sergei. He's one of a kind, which is probably for the best given the mischief he gets into and creates.

So, here I am in the midst of edits on one story, three manuscripts I'm determined to rewrite, another story I'm close to typing "The End" on, and I'm thinking about writing a picture book series. Am I crazy? Of course, but I've said for years that if you're not crazy when you go into the publishing industry, you will be soon.

The real question is one I'll pose to you, the readers. If you saw a picture book series called Sergei the Wonder Kitten, would you read it to or buy it for the kids in your life? Or if you're like me and love picture books, read it for the fun of it?

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