Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Summer colds...

Summer colds are the worst kind, in my opinion. They seem to hit harder and take forever to go away. I caught one last week (at the very end of summer; how unfair is that?) and every time I think I'm getting over it, it comes back. This morning in particular, I feel about like I did last Friday. Am I worried? No, because I know several other people who have or had the same cold and they're going through the same thing. It takes forever to go away, but every "relapse" is a little lighter and a little shorter. Maybe by next week, this cold will be gone completely! One can always hope, anyway.

Here's the fun (haha) part of having a cold right now: Not only am I trying to expand a short story (as requested by an editor) I also have a ton of other work to do as well. Work stops for no cold, though there are days I wish it would. But deadlines continue to march forward with no regard for a person's sinuses.

So I'm off to work and try to shake this cold once and for all. Check back Thursday for a more interesting post.

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