Monday, November 26, 2007

Queen of Procrastination

Anyone who's known me for long has heard me refer to myself as the queen of procrastination. I've almost perfected it as an art form. I have a manuscript I'm rewriting. I was supposed to have chapter 9 done a week or so ago. I still haven't gotten to it, because I constantly find something else that needs my attention. Like my two novel excerpts for a contest. The deadline is November 30. I've known this since September or October. I've known almost as long which manuscripts I wanted to use for my excerpts. Here it is, November 26, and I only have one of the excerpts revised to my liking. I started on the other one this morning, but I needed to check my email (which I hadn't done since sometime Friday). In addition to the twenty-page excerpts, I also have to make sure my one-page synopses to go with them are perfect...well, as perfect as I can get any synopsis.

Now, you'll notice that instead of working on the remaining excerpt and the synopses, or even chapter 9 of my rewrite, I'm writing a post on procrastination. Ah, there's nothing like the internet for a procrastinator. There's always something to keep you from what you're trying to avoid.

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