Friday, December 4, 2009

Cool Contest...

I recently stumbled across an awesome contest on called The Great Kindle Giveaway. J.T. Oldfield, owner of Bibliofreakblog, is giving away a Kindle II on December 18. However, there could be more Kindles being given away. Check out what J.T. has to say (straight from the giveaway post):

More Kindles: The Great Kindle Giveaway starts with 1 Kindle, but I have 15 in total. As you’ve probably noticed, Bibliofreakblog has links to Amazon on the sidebar and in posts. If you click one of these links right before you make a purchase, I make a commission. It doesn’t matter if you buy the book I’ve reviewed or something else entirely (TVs, games, DVDs, Kindle books, anything). For every $259 in commissions I make, I’ll release another Kindle into the drawing. It doesn’t cost you any extra to do this, and it really helps me make this blog possible. Think of it as a mitzvah, and another way to increase your chances of winning a Kindle, because the more in the offering, the more likely you are to get one.

For more information on The Great Kindle Giveaway and complete rules on how to enter, visit this post on Bibliofreakblog. Good luck!

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